"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I'm Melting, I'm Melting......aaaahhhh..........

We are in the grip of a terrible heat wave. Upper 90's predicted for today, triple digits for tomorrow through the weekend. Not only that, but it will be muggy (also known as humid). We don't get muggy around here. That's for the midwest, or the south. Not here! I see a float down the Coeur d'Alene river in my future.

When it's this hot, a float is the only cure. The whole family dons swimming suits, gathers our floaties and coolers full of beer, soda pop, water, sandwiches, and snacks, and we head for the north fork of the river-where everyone else in the county is. The water is usually shallow, and slow, except for the occasional rapid just for fun. It's like a huge summer party with everyone within 100 miles. You can practically walk across the river on floating tubes without getting your feet wet. But it's sure fun.

A couple weeks ago I bought us some floating recliners, complete with cup holders. Looking forward to trying mine out. We bring a small rubber raft to tow along for the coolers too. North Idahoans know how to have fun!

Cindy was not at bead group yesterday. She still has the creeping crud. GET WELL CINDY!

I worked on a black and gold Dutch spiral to go with the bracelet I made last weekend. I just LOVE making Dutch spirals. They are so much fun, and so cool too. I bought more beads to make more spirals. I'm hopeless. Sigh.....

Today I have Knitwits. It's too hot for me to want to knit, but the meeting is in an air conditioned building, so I shall soldier on. I will get to turn in the Nautiloid today. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to my weird little creature. I'm going to work on the second sleeve of the baby cardigan. I need to get it done so I can give it to Charo. I think I will make another one in yellow for the Knitwits. It's a fun little sweater.

Keep cool (or keep warm if you live in Australia) and have a great day.

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