"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Family Camping Trip

I was exhausted from packing and coming home. Got some sleep last night, so feeling much better. I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed sweet hubby bought me a spinning wheel as a surprise gift. He paid over $700 for it, but it was a miniature one. Fully functional and all, but not much bigger than a shoe box. It's got no manual, and I know nothing about spinning wheels (which is true-I don't) In the dream I'm so grateful for his thought, but frustrated at the size of the wheel and lack of manual. I'm trying to spin some wool to make a pair of socks, and then a bunch of secret service guys crash into our house and arrest sweet hubby and haul him away for buying me the wheel. I woke up from the dream just as I was demanding from President Bush why getting me a miniature spinning wheel is a federal offense.

Does anyone know what the heck that means?????????????

The camping trip was a blast. There were 50 Park family members and their friends. We stayed at Lions Head group camp on the most beautiful lake in the world, Priest Lake. The campground was gorgeous. The weather was perfect. We had full hook ups for our trailer. We had a nice sandy beach all to ourselves, with a dock for the nephew Scott's boat. The water was as warm as bath water for swimming in, and crystal clear. There were lots of trees to provide shade.

There was lots of wild life around. There was a huge Mama moose and her baby hanging around camp. I think just about everyone saw her. There were deer, prairie dogs, Stellar Blue Jays (one of my favorite birds), Canadian Geese by the flocks, bald eagles, toads, and caterpillars for the kids to harass. Sweet hubby and daughter Ruth went on a kayak trip up the thoroughfare between lower and upper Priest Lake and saw 3 moose. One actually went diving for food in deep water. That must have been awesome to watch. My nephews Scott and his son Daniel caught lots of fish, which we cooked the last evening for dinner.

There was also a lot of mosquitoes and yellow jackets to cause trouble. Just about everyone got stung (I did not, thankfully). I took a brand new tube of Benadryl cream and it's over half gone now. It was pretty popular stuff.

Most of us ate dinner together. There is a very nice kitchen and bunk house that we were able to use. And the food. We did potluck buffet. Every night tons and tons of really good food. The tables were so loaded it's a wonder they didn't collapse.

For things to do, we had hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, volleyball, playing board games and cards, sitting around the camp fire, and napping.

My favorite moment. On Friday evening, as the sun was setting, the wind died down, as it does every evening, and the lake got smooth as glass. Sue, Kathryn (hubbies sister), and I, some paper cups, and a bottle of Southern Comfort, got into kayaks and went for a paddle. We watched the moon rise over the tops of the mountains from the middle of the lake. The water was so clear I could see the bottom of the lake in the moonlight. We just sat out there, in the cool peaceful quiet of the evening, watching this beautiful sight, and sharing funny stories. It was hard to paddle back to shore.

Second favorite moment. On Saturday afternoon a couple of the little girls and I sat at the picnic table and I helped them make beaded bracelets. Cassandra and her sister Kaitlyn-I think they are the daughters of my nephew Scott's wifes sister? (Not quite sure about that.) Cassandra has quite the imagination. She reminds me of Sarah at that age. She has lots of energy, and lots of questions. She wants to know how the world works. She was making a superhero bracelet to increase her super powers. I asked her what her super powers are. She replied "I can run fast, and I'm strong!"

Third favorite moment. Just before sunset the first day, I walked over to the campfire and there was a whole bunch of folks sitting around it-noses buried in their fresh new copies of the new Harry Potter book. I cracked up laughing, it was such a funny sight!

Did I knit? Yes, a little. I am now to the toe of my Monkey Sock. Didn't touch the baby cardigan, I'm ashamed to say. Did I bead? Yes, a little. I worked on my beaded box, and a cab. Did I read? I did. I took The 5th Horseman by James Patterson. I enjoyed every word of it too.

So, now, you're probably asking "Where are the pictures?" Arrgh. Sigh.......... I took my camera, I swear. But I was so busy having so much fun I didn't even get the camera out of it's case. I didn't take one single picture. Okay, okay--I've NEVER said I'm a photographer. I apologize. Hubby took pics. I'll see if I can get some of his.

Have a great day.

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