"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Couldn't Help Myself

I should have been beading yesterday. I've only got a week left before Rathdrum Days. It's my own fault. I was thinking about my Monkey Sock. I made the mistake of getting it out to look at it (It's so darn pretty!). I ended up working on it for a couple hours or so. I'm almost done with the foot. I'm going to take it with me to Rathdrum Days and work on it (or it's mate-more likely) between customers.

I was reading some of my favorite blogs and I can't believe how prolific some of these knitters are. There are some who are making a pair or two of socks a week, plus everything else they knit. Arrrghh.... I wish I was that prolific sometimes. Think of all the wonderful things there would be in the ol' closet if I were. But, those folks probably don't do half a dozen other hobbies like I do either.

There was something odd that happened yesterday. It starts with late Thursday night. I let the dogs out to pee before going to bed. We have motion sensor lighting all around the house now, so if a wild animal comes in the yard we can see it, and stop the dogs if necessary. Well, that night the yard at the north end of the house was completely in darkness, but Tommy went absolutely nuts, just barking his little head off. I couldn't see anything in the dark, so figured maybe one of the cats was perched on the garden fence or something (though he doesn't usually bark like that at the cats). I chased Tommy back into the house and went to bed.

Friday morning, I let the dogs out for their morning pee and that's when I saw it. Laying on the lawn, by the garden gate, just as still as a statue, was a tiny little fawn. It was so beautiful. All creamy white spots and red brown fur. It was adorable. My dogs didn't even notice it. I watched it for a while, then walked around a bit looking for it's Mom. She was no where. We've had lots of fawns in the yard, and the moms are always nearby, within view. But not this one. The fawn was so still, and panting like crazy. Now I understand that if a mommy deer says to baby 'stay', they stay. But it is not logical for a deer to 'hide' it's baby on a lawn. The poor little thing was right out where all of us could see it. Not in the bushes where it belonged. Sweet hubby said keep an eye on it, and if it's still there later on in the day, call game control.

Stupid cat. Shouldn't have let her out. Chenille decided it was the biggest mouse she'd ever seen and stalked the fawn. I started yelling at Chenille to stop. She wouldn't. Eventually she got close enough to scare the fawn. It got up and walked away-though it was very slow and wobbly. It wandered into the bushes.

Later that morning Ruth and I went out looking for it. We didn't find it, though we followed it's tracks until we lost them in the brush. I'm hoping it found it's mother. I sure hope it isn't alone and lost. Especially in this heat! The thought of a baby suffering to death makes me want to cry.

By the way, I did attempt to take a photo of the fawn. The battery went dead in my camera. (insert pic of me banging my head on a wall here)

The heat was relentless yesterday. My outdoor thermometer is in the shade, and it read 100F. In addition, in the early afternoon a storm started moving into the area with strong winds. Riding on the wind was dust from the fields over in Washington. It was so thick I couldn't see the mountains, my nose ran incessantly, and my eyes felt like the backside of my lids were made of extra coarse grit sand paper. The winds were pretty fierce, so Ruth and I battoned down the hatches, so to speak, and hunkered down. We got a few spits of rain, a few flashes of lightening, no thunder to speak of, and lost no trees. I'm relieved. Spokane, however, was not so lucky. They got womped. I think, though, by the time it got to us the worst of it had been worn out. The lightening did start about 30 wild fires, but by the time I went to bed all were under control and due to be out soon.

It's going to be another triple digit day, with more thunderstorms coming in the evening. I get nervous. My biggest fear, living here, is fire. The woods get so crackly dry in July and August. We have a plan should one happen, but I don't want to have to use that plan.

I have a class scheduled today. Supposed to teach a Christmas ornament done in right angle weave with wire and size 6 beads. Usually the boss calls me on Friday to let me know the status, but I didn't hear from her. I finally called the shop and she's not in town. The employee who answered the phone told me as far as she knows, no one has signed up. I may pop into the shop at class time anyway, just in case.

Keep cool and have a great day.

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  1. I hope the fawn found his mom. The poor things don't stand a chance anymore. We have so much construction going on here it drives the wildlife closer and closer to the ocean (Atlantic). We have been having a really cool summer, sorry to hear about how hot is is for you. Try to keep cool.