"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Black and Gold Dutch Spiral

Remember a few days ago I talked about a fawn that was laying on the lawn with no mommy in site? I'd said I tried to take a pic, but the battery went dead on my camera. Well, apparently, it snapped the pic before it died (the camera, not the fawn). I am quite surprised. We haven't seen hide nor hair of this fawn since. I'm hoping it found mom.

This is the finished black and gold Dutch Spiral. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

This is the baby cardigan, all blocked out.

Last night I started putting it together. I figured it would take a couple hours at most. HA! I did the shoulder seams-using the three-needle bind off rather than grafting. You don't want to graft shoulder seams because it's too stretchy. Shoulder joins need to have some firmness to them. 3-needle bind off gives just enough firmness without being too bulky.

Then I got to the business of doing the button/neck band (it's all one piece). You pick up stitches all the way around, and it's done in garter stitch. I got kind of frustrated with it because the instructions are very confusing. You place markers and knit to markers, and do this and that and it's NOT clear what to do. In fact, it's not even clear where the markers go. I finally decided to do it the way I thought made most sense-which isn't quite what is written. If I was a novice knitter, the instructions would be useless. So, I guess, unless you are an experienced knitter, I would not recommend this book because it's not very well written.

Anyway, back to the cardigan. I was just making button holes when suddenly the power went out. Poof! We're sitting in the pitch black dark. Don't know why either. There was no wind, no storming, no snowy blizzard (bite my tongue!). Perhaps someone knocked down a power pole in Rathdrum with their car again? We scrambled to shut off all the computers (they're all on UPS's), then went about the business of finding some light. The power was out at the well house too-which means it's a major outage for us. (Again with the no flushing of toilets.) Did I say there's never a dull moment at the Parkarosa?

To make matters worse, it's been a boiling hot day, and it's a boiling hot night. It took no time at all for the whole house to turn into an oven. We opened windows, but there was no breeze. After sitting and complaining for awhile in the light of a little battery operated lantern, the three of us went to bed. Sweet hubby was snoring within 2 minutes--the dirty rat. I could not sleep. In fact, it was so hot my dogs were panting and laying on top of their blankets, instead of underneath. Do you know how hot it has to be for Italian Greyhounds to do that?????? So I turned on the lantern and tried to read a book.

Then it started. Lightening, thunder, wind, the house shook. We got rain--cooling rain! It was wonderful. The temps outside went down. Still couldn't sleep though cos now the dogs are upset. Thunder and wind scare Morgan something awful. Around 1:30 am the power came back on. I got a couple fans going in the bedroom to cool things off, and to dampen the sound of the thunder. Eventually the boys calmed down and went to sleep. It stormed all night, but I was finally able to drift off.........

This morning, as I write this, it's cloudy and cool out. Blissfully cool...actually under 70F. I'm wallowing in it. Heh heh.

Have a good day.

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  1. It's cooler here today, also. Feels great.

    Wish we had some rain, though. It's still very dry. I'm trying to transplant things that are in the way of the bulldozers and the ground is like dust.