"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Monkey Sock Love

Oh yes, I am enjoying my Monkey sock. I'd forgotten how much fun socks are to knit. Yesterday I finished the flap, turned the heel, and now I'm working on the gusset. I usually stop a textured pattern at this point, but I like this one so much I'm gonna do it all the way to the toe. They'll be the purtiest socks I own. I will have to get myself some new shoes to wear them with-something that shows off hand knit socks properly. hmmm...maybe I should check out the Birkenstock store in Spokane Valley?

I also worked a bit on my bead crochet lariat. God, 40 inches is a long way! I've done 32, only 8 more to go. When I get it done, there is NO way I'm selling it. This one is a keeper, for ME! I'm not enjoying it like I thought I would, which is kind of disappointing to me. I was hoping I'd find it loads of fun so I'd make a lot of them. Oh well. One never knows until one tries it out.

I think when this rope is done I will try doing something similar in brick stitch needle weaving. I have downloaded a free tutorial from Bead-Patterns.com that says doing tubular brick stitch with size 8 perle cotton will produce a similar result. I love the way bead crochet rope feels, very slinky and organic. So if brick stitch will do it, that might be better for me. It may not be quicker, but I wouldn't have to string all those beads on in advance and I know I enjoy brick stitch much more than crochet-which is just plain weird.

Why do I not enjoy bead crochet as much? Makes no sense to me. And yet-I just LOVE making crochet stuffed toys. I've made hundreds of them. I did the whole Winnie the Pooh set (patterns by Leisure Arts) when I had the shop and loved it even though they were the most difficult patterns known to mankind. In fact, I got blue ribbons at the fair. I wonder what I did with those pictures?

Showed my finished Nautiloid to Sarah's boyfriend last night. I got such a kick out of his reaction. He actually squealed "Oh, it's so CUTE!". Never heard that sound come out of a grown guy before. Heh heh. Made me laugh. He absolutely loves it. Now I know what to make him for Christmas.

Now I know, for certain, that my daughter Sarah has truly 'left' the nest. She called just a bit ago to ask if it was all right to come over. She's thinking of her own place as 'home' and respecting our privacy, which is kind of sweet. I've told her she does not need to EVER ask permission to come here. I think I'll make sure she has a key to the house. I seem to remember Sweet Hubby telling me she'd given hers to him some time back for some unknown reason.

Had no plans for today, but now I do. Sarah and I are gonna bead for the booth. I guess I better clean off the dining room table (which is once again stacked high with remnants from various and sundry needlecraft projects).

Have a great weekend.

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