"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It Was a Crochet Kind of Day

I had a productive day yesterday, despite the fact I was feeling low energy (still am). PMS is no fun. I finally finished the crocheting on the bead crochet rope. Whew! It's a relief to get it done. I will take it to bead group today and finish the embellishments (fringe).

I had a most unusual phone call in the morning. Someone in KnitWits gave my name and phone number to a gal who used to do a lot of crocheting. She had been working on a baby blanket when she became quite ill and was unable to do anything in the way of crochet for quite some time. She's much better now and wants to finish the blanket, but couldn't figure out where she is in the pattern. Could I help her?

Yeeks! I'm not all that confident in my crochet. Not like I am in knitting and whatnot. And it's been several years since I've done anything besides slip stitches. But, this was a fellow yarn artist in distress, so I decided to give it a try. I went over to her house after the morning walk.

I had a wonderful time! This gal turned out to be quite a bubbly person. She showed me the blanket and the pattern. Thank the GODS it was an easy pattern! Only 2 rows of pattern repeated over and over. I was able to figure out where she was in it and got her going.

She is a self taught crocheter, and wants very very much to be an excellent crocheter. Quite frankly, she already is. I looked at some of the things she's made in the past and she does beautiful work! But she seems to have lost all her confidence in her crochet ability. Probably because of the illness she just battled. It affected her hands quite a bit.

I recommended she purchase one or two crochet reference books. Other than that, all she can do is get back into it and in time it will all come back to her. I also invited her to come to our next KnitWits meeting. Hopefully, she'll show up.

After all that crochet during the day, I needed to KNIT, so last night I made good progress on my Monkey Sock. I finished the gusset. Here it is so far.

I'm lovin' the way it looks. You can see the heel flap detail really good in this pic too. Much prettier than plain ol' stockinet.

In my last entry, I mentioned I'd crocheted the whole Winnie the Pooh set by Leisure Arts. It took me 3 years to do the whole thing. Not a pattern for the feint of heart either. I had days where I could NOT figure out the instructions and had to think about it for a day or two before it would come to me what they meant. It was constructed in a very unique way. You make the arms and legs, then while making the body you actually crochet the limbs into it, rather than sewing them on afterwards. Makes for a much nicer toy that way. I used Patons Canadiana for the yarn.

My buddies used to be on display in my shop, now they sit atop my desk. Here it is. If you've made this set, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear other's experiences in making it.

I have the Leisure Arts book of Bugs Bunny and Friends patterns in the stash, with the yarn. I should get it out and make them some time.

Today, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 80's. I hope we don't get all the weeks good weather in the middle. We're supposed to be going camping next weekend and I'd like some 80 degree weather for that.

Have a great day.


  1. Hi!
    I dont know if im posting in the right section lol, but i just want to say you pooh and friends are gorgeous!!!
    I have this book and started pooh a year ago. i couldnt for the life of me figure it out so passed it onto my mum wich hasnt gotten any further.
    lol one day it might click to us what the hell we are supose to be doing!!
    From Danni

  2. My mom made these for her great grandsons in about 2006 or so. She was an amazing fibre artist.
    Now that I am to be grandmother in JUne I thought I would give Pooh a try.
    WOW is this pattern ever difficult. Not a well experienced crocheter to begin with and this in my first animal.

    Boy wilI ever need an expert crocheter to help me figure this out. The arms, ear and muzzle were a breeze. But the body and the feet of the legs are confusing.
    I may have bit off more than I can chew.

    I wish the book had diagrams or schematics so I could know what the pieces are actually supposed to look like.

    Ravelry Zaffi61