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Bearded Iris is Blooming

Royal Purple is my most favorite Bearded Iris. Twelve years ago I asked a lady I knew who grew Bearded Irises like there was no tomorrow for a cutting from her Royal Purple Iris. She gave me a whole bag of rhizomes to plant. I planted them, then patiently waited for the next summer so I could see my purple iris in bloom. Not one of the Irises she gave me was purple. What a HUGE disappointment that was. So I went to the nearest nursery and bought a Royal Purple Bearded Iris 'bulb'. It never bloomed, until yesterday. Worth the wait!

The wild Iris is blooming too. Seems to be a bumper crop. I'm seeing them in places not usually having them. This one is growing in the bushes beside the driveway.

This is the bracelet I made earlier this week for my friends birthday present. It's made with size 11 ab clear silver lined seed beads and teal 4mm Czech crystals.

I had it all wrapped and ready to go, but I was losing confidence in my choice of patterns. I did not know if my friend would find it attractive or not, or if she wore teal. I can't remember ever seeing her in that color.

Yesterday afternoon I was surfing Sandra Halpenny's web site and came across her free Tennis Bracelet pattern. This is definitely a style my friend, Tami, would love. So I sat down and whipped it up for her. It's made with size 11 silver lined clear seed beads and 4mm bicone crystals. I gave it to her at lunch today, and she LOVES it!

Oddly enough, I think the teal would have made her very happy. She was wearing a very brightly colored shirt today, with lots and lots of teal in it. Oh well.

I also dipped my toes into ring making this week. This is my first one. I used some 6x5mm rice pearls dyed pink (which I found at Walmart for a mere 75 cents a strand on clearance), some 4mm Czech crystals, and size 11 pearly seed beads. Talk about instant gratification! It was a lot of fun to make. I've been wearing it and getting loads of compliments. So I guess I could say it's not bad for a first one. I got the pattern on the Perlalili site. It's called Bague Chrysalide. The pattern is in french, but I was able to follow the diagrams quite easily.

The purpose of learning to make rings is so I can make a few for the booth I'll be having at Rathdrum Days. I'm making a few adult size rings, but mostly I want to make some pink glam for the little girls to talk their parents into buying for them. Using the above ring as a jumping off point, I then designed my own little pink ring. I've used size 15 clear silver lined seed beads, 3mm Czech crystals in clear ab, and 4mm Czech crystals in pink.

Also discovered something truly DISGUSTING yesterday. The corner of the living room, behind my hubby's recliner, is where the dogs like to keep their toys. In the last couple weeks or so it started emanating a rather obnoxious odor. Now, in the past, I used to put a little throw rug down there, and Morgan liked to lay back there for a snooze. But Silver took to peeing and spraying on the rug, so I removed it and got Morgan his much loved doggy bed. When the odor started emanating, I assumed that the recently humid damp air we've been having lately had made its way down into the carpet padding and was resurrecting some of the smell from Silver's old pee. Hubby asked if I'd please spray the area with Fresh Care (a fabric deoderizing concoction that comes in a spray bottle, made by Clorox),

So, yesterday Ruth helped me pull the chair out away from the wall, and that is where I found the truly disgusting thing. This odor was not old, it was NEW! Silver had soaked all of the boys toys (which explains why they weren't being played with lately) with his toxic cat spray. Some of the toys were so soaked they were still wet! I didn't win the war after all (see Cat in a Snit entry 5/23/07). I had to throw all but two of them away! Fortunately, I was able to salvage Blue Giraffe and Pink Piggy, which just happen to be Morgan's favorites. I washed them in the sink, rinsing several times, and managed to get the odor out, yet the squeekers still work.

Now--where is that cat? I have a bone to pick with him. SILVERRRRRRR....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

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