"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Another Vet Visit

Is there health insurance for dogs? Iggies are so darn fragile.

I've scheduled a trip to the vet for Morgan later this morning. For a few weeks now he's had a strange swelling under his chin. We didn't worry about it. At first we thought he'd been bit by a mosquito or something. The bump went down, then it came back, then it went down, then it came back.......you get the picture. Well, now it's come back and it's growing-alarmingly fast. Other than that, he's suffering NO other symptoms. He's got the energy of a puppy, healthy appetite, sleeping well, playing well, happy happy happy. Don't know what to say. He's getting old.

I hope it isn't something serious. My friend Cindy has a Giant Schnauzer who is the same age as Morgan and has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yeeks! After hearing that the swelling on Morgan has scared me. Poor Sammy Jo. She's such a sweetie. Doesn't seem fair.

I have a question. If a non-filthy-rich-spoiled-rotten-celebrity-brat young girl were put in jail for probation violation and drunk driving, would she be let out of jail for 'medical' reasons, or would she be sent to the prison infirmary, given necessary treatment, and taken back to her cell?

Paris Hilton disgusts me.

Knit Wits was fun. My Knit Wit friends were in fine form to keep me laughing. Such a comical bunch. Darlene was waving her knitting needle around while she was talking and almost stabbed me with it a couple times. She claims she isn't violent and was just 'talking with her hands', but it was the 45th day without a cigarette for her and I think she was trying to take it out on me-subconsciously. Heh heh. Hang in there Darlene. I admire your courage to give up the nasty weed.

I got the shell of the Nautiloid done, and most of the face. I should be able to finish it in the next few days-if I can keep my hands off the Monkey Sock.

Have a good day.

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