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Party Pics

Before anything else, I want to thank my brother-in-law Dan and his wife Sue for all the help they gave us in getting this party together. I couldn't have done it without them.

I didn't get very many pictures taken. In fact, I'm rather sad about it. I should have given my camera to my daughter and told her to take pics for me. She would have love doing it. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of her at all, and the party was in her honor. How bad is that?! But, here's what I got.

Folks cooking their Shish-ka-bobs on the upper deck in the background. The deck is not finished. Just usable. It still needs stairs and railings. My nephews Gavin, Daniel, and Brendan are playing in the foreground.

My niece Heidi enjoying the feast (doesn't she look cold?).

More bob cooking. Left to right: Frank (Sarah's boyfriend), Don Kobaly, Al Carlson, Tina Carlson, a girl who's name I've forgotten, Sarah's friend Brendon.

Don and Phyllis Kobaly.

My niece Stacy's dog Hunter. I put this lei on him when they first arrived and he wore it until they went home. I absolutely adore Hunter. He has one of the sweetest gentlest personalities I've ever seen in a Labrador.

My boys giving niece Kaitlyn a hard time. They wanted some of that meat!

Playing a game of Dread Pirate. Left to right: Girl who's name I've forgotten, Brendon, David Kobaly. Tina's arm is in the front. Lol!

Niece Stacy in her Island outfit and Phyllis cooking a bob.

My nephew Scott and brother-in-law Dan guarding the beer.

Dan, Scott, and Shawn chatting in the background and nephew Brendan in the foreground. Gavin managed to dash into the picture just as I pressed the button down. I swear, that little guy does NOT know how to sit still.

That's all of it. After this pic someone called for me, I put my camera down and never got back to it.

Have a great day.

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