"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Words of Warning

Don't panic. I'm not gonna rant again. Heh heh. I've decided I'm tired of the canned-pre-packaged blog template I've been using here. No offense to it's designer, but I want to learn how to do my own thing. That will require MUCH learning on my part, and lots of screwed up experiments because I know nothing about this kind of thing. Consequently, there will be times when something isn't gonna work on here. Please be patient. Eventually I will have it all figured out, and will be a much happier person in the end.

I will begin next week.

For now, and for me, the weekend has begun, and what a weekend it will be! The weather is going to be phenomenal. Sunshine, blue sky, and warmth! Take THAT winter! Muhwahahahahah......

My sister-in-law, Sue (who is married to my hubby's twin brother) just called a bit ago. Kayaking tomorrow! YES!!!!!! Of course, that's if we can get our stick-in-the-mud sweetie hubbies talked into it. Gonna find a nice smooth lake. No rivers at this time of year. Way too dangerous.

Made some headway on the choker. Sat out on the deck for a couple hours in the SUN working on it. My boys baked themselves next to me on a blanket. They were in pure heaven. Iggies, like me, are sun worshipers.

Knit the first piece of the teal pig too. Coming out nicely, though I find myself slightly stressed at the contemplation of sewing garter stitch pieces together. It's been awhile since I've done that. May have to look it up in one of my resource books.

One more thing... I'm starting to get Comments. Woo-Hoo! Anyway, someone has kindly pointed out that my orchids are not Dendrobias, but are Phalaenopsis. The tags said otherwise, but I've looked it up and the comment is correct. Now--to get my hands on the jerk who switched tags at Home Depot.

Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

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