"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WOO HOO!!!!!

Let me say that again....

The Wretched Choker is done!!! (insert photo of me dancing a jig here -if there were such a thing.)
Here's a photo. Please excuse the weird neck. I turned a vase upside down, covered it with a towel, then a pillow case. Not your average human neck--it lacks shoulders so this isn't a true representation of what it will look like worn, but it's all I had for a neck model.

Gramma's slippers have been felted too (I'm on a role!). Here they are cuff up. Aren't they pretty? They are SO comfortable too. Fit the foot perfectly, even has a bit of an arch in it. In case you missed it, this is the Felted Alpine Slipper Boot from Fibertrends.

Here they are on my feet. So snuggle wuggly.

Here they are cuff folded down. Very sheik. My Gramma will have the coolest looking warm feet in town.

One more thing to Woo Hoo about...Sarah got a job. YES!!!! She has been hired by Chief Architect, the place where her daddy, uncle, and boyfriend all work. She will be a new member of the programming group working on their Home Design software. She is so excited, she called me three times after she received the offer. She said it's a great relief to know what she'll be doing after graduation. Congratulations sweetie! We are SO proud of you!

Before posting this I took the boys for a walk on the Parkarosa. Saw lots of Buttercups, and a few wild strawberries in bloom on the south slope below the big field. No violets yet. The boys just love walking out there. Tommy literally leaps with joy the whole way there and back. There are so many wonderful things to explore and smell. He dashes ahead of me, looks back, dashes behind me, dashes in front ahead...back and forth, by the time I've done a mile he's done 2 or 3 miles. It's a lot of fun watching his joy. Morgan is a bit more dignified about the whole thing-but then, he's a fancy schmancy retired champion best-of-show dog too. So there!

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