"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Beam With Pride Day

Today hubby and I get to drive down to Moscow and attend the ceremony honoring our daughter, Sarah. I am SO excited, and she is SO nervous. She called last night to tell us what to wear. No jeans, she says. Well, her Dad and I were not planning on wearing jeans. We know what appropriate clothing is for something like this. But it was just so cute that she was worried about that. Here's a photo of our oldest genius. It's kind of old-high school graduation, but she still looks like this. Always the big bubbly smile on her face.

Before we head down to Moscow later this afternoon I have a lunch date with 'The Tuesday Group'. This is a group of gals who met every Tuesday at my shop for lunch, knitting, and gossip. After the shop closed they decided to keep getting together for lunch, only it's once a month on Thursday now. I'll be giving Sally her daisy bracelet. I sure hope she likes it.

After that I will rush home, get dressed up, and go pick Doug up from work. I apologize in advance for the bright blinding light. When I beam with pride, I BEAM with pride!

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  1. Congratulations having raised a wonderful daughter with ambition. I was raised just like yourself and I agree that we want to be much better than our parents. You did well - an inspiration for all that we are able to do better if we put our minds to it.