"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Simple Woman's Daybook for August 29, 2017

How about a Daybook post.

Outside my window...
The sun is shining, but the air is thick with smoke. Most of the smoke is coming from wild fires in Oregon.

I am thinking...
that it's been a very stressful month. My husband lost his job when we returned from our camping trip earlier this month. He's now looking for a new job, which is going to be difficult because of his age. He's home 24/7 now, which I am not used to. He's putting a cramp in my life style.

Added to that is the fact that my cat, Chenille, is seriously ill. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago because she's lost an enormous amount of weight-for her, that is. She usually weighs around 10 pounds but she's only 6 pounds and looks so thin. She hasn't been eating hardly anything.The vet wasn't able to determine exactly what is wrong. Maybe cancer, or kidney problems? The blood tests don't say exactly. Just that something is seriously wrong, so we're kind of winging it as far as treatment goes. I now have to give her medicine every morning. She's on a steroid. I think it's working because she has started eating a little more. Sure wish we knew exactly what's wrong. She's 15 years old now.

I am thankful for...
the fair being over. It's a lot of work dealing with the KnitWits entries. We had 38 entries this year. Lots of ribbons were won.

From the kitchen...
the dishwasher is on. Other than that, nothing going on. I don't know what I'm making for dinner yet.

I am wearing...
my black nightgown and leopard print furry robe. Haven't taken my shower and dressed yet.

I am creating...
doll clothes and baby layettes. Yesterday  I knit a sleeveless top with a lace collar for my JID dolls. This is the third one. The first two didn't fit right, so I frogged them and started over. Got it right this time. It fits Sierra perfectly. Yay!

I also have finished the knitting of the 24th layette set. Still need to do the blanket yet. That's two sets waiting for blankets.

I am going...
on another cruise in 2 weeks. We're cruising, via Princess Cruise's ship The Ruby, to Alaska for 7 days. I know. 2 cruises in one year! Life has been grand. We're going with Dan and Sue this time. I paid for the cruise before Doug became unemployed, thankfully. So we're going. We need to get away for a bit anyway.

I am reading...a rather fun series by Monique Martin. I'm on book 6, Sands of Time. A husband and wife team travel in time to 'fix' things. I've enjoyed it very much. In book 6 they find themselves in Cairo, Egypt during the 1920's. It's pure entertainment reading.

I am hearing...
train noises. They are putting in a second track and there's been the constant sound of heavy equipment as they bring in load after load of trucks filled with gravel and machines to flatten out those piles of gravel. Every train that goes by slows down and toots it's horn every 30 seconds as it goes by. It's been very noisy.

Around the house...
are bits of fluff and plastic. I got Zoey a new toy that has 9 squeekers in it. So far she's pulled 3 squeekers out. 6 more to go. She's a real mess maker. I use my new vacuum cleaner almost every day. If she isn't pulling apart a dog toy, then she's brought sticks or pine cones in to chew apart and spread all over the house.

One of my favorite things...
Air conditioners. Thank you to the inventor. The weather has been hot and dry for weeks now. It's supposed to get up to 93 today. I could not stand it if we didn't have the air conditioner.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I've got Rathdrum Knitalong today. Yarnies on Thursday. I plan to get those 2 blankets done, and a new layette started.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...
My Chenille. I think soon we will have to say goodbye to her.

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Live long and prosper. \\//


Results for 2017 North Idaho Fair

We went to the North Idaho Fair yesterday and I found out if I won any ribbons. I did. I won 3 blue first place ribbons, and 4 second place ribbons.

Blue ribbons first:

The doll dress. Asa was the model. I put a short hair wig on her so it would be easier for the judges.

 I actually debated entering the little fairisle mittens because I didn't think the workmanship was all that good. I guess I'm too hard on myself because they won a blue.

My one and only beading project I got done this year won a blue too.

Penn's Star Trek sweater won a Red ribbon.

So did my stranded knit hat,

The yellow baby set (cardigan, hat, and booties),

and the denim blue baby booties.

The denim blue jacket and hat set did not win a ribbon. I kind of expected that.

So, that is this years results.

Live long and prosper. \\//


It's Fair Time

This summer has been absolutely insane. I have been so busy. Life has just not let down for a minute and the summer is flying by. I can't believe it's already the middle of August and fair time! Yesterday I took all the items I've gathered from KnitWits and my own projects and hauled them to the fair for entry. KnitWits had more entries this year than last. I'm quite pleased about that. I am also surprised by how many entries I was able to come up with that I've made this past year. Here's what I've entered:

Beaded Twisted Triangle Necklace

It's the only beaded item I've managed to finish.

I entered 2 knitted doll items. Asa's pink dress

and Captain Penn's uniform sweater.

I've entered a stranded knit hat.

Also the fairisle children's mittens.

All of the pieces of this layette set, except the blanket, are entered.

I've entered the jacket and hat together as a set. I entered the booties as a separate item. I've also entered three pieces as a set that I have not taken pics of yet, except this one.

The jacket, hat, and booties from the yellow/black/grey set I was working on. They're finished, but I haven't done the blanket yet. I meant to take pics but forgot.

That's it. Just 11 items from me this year. I'll know if I've earned any ribbons in a couple of weeks.

Live long and prosper. \\//