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Red Dots Cocktail Ring

I've made a ring to wear with the new necklace.

Basically, I made a peyote stitch ring 6 beads wide.

Then I embellished a section of it with fringe and loops.

I will wear it to the company Christmas party tonight.

It is cold today. When I got up it was only 19F degrees. The sun was shining all day, but it never got above freezing. Brrrrr.

Knitting update: I finished knitting the not-argyle socks. Haven't blocked them yet. Since all the Christmas knitting is essentially done-and way early for me-I went back to working on the chevron sweater. I have 6 inches of the front piece done now.

I am going to start knitting mittens for the rest of the month. We have an emergency request to KnitWits for mittens for 25 girls and 15 boys in sizes 4T-5T. So I will concentrate on that along with the Chevron sweater. It'll make good portable knitting. A project that small can fit in the purse.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Cool ring, LJ. You really do great just thinking up things.